Feature Film

Director: Kevin Kopacka

Cinematographer: Lukas Dolgner


Starring: Anna Heidegger, Philipp Droste, Cris Kotzen, HK DeWitt, Jürgen Schmid, Aline Adam, Jenny Conrads, David Garzón Bardua, Frederik von Lüttichau, Nura (SXTN), Melbeatz,  


The concept of family as a place of being oneself, of unconditional togetherness and refuge turns into a tormenting nightmare once the sweet memories start to fall apart and drag everything with them into the abbyss. 

A feeling well known to Till Hager, an undercover cop tasked to find the source of a newly emerged psychoactive drug named Abaddon. The substance enables the consumer to immersively experience his inner world - which can also lead to nightmarish visions of ones personal hell. After his colleague Schweitzer mysteriously dissapears after a drug raid, it’s up to Till to solve the case. 

Stumbling deeper and deeper into the case, Till has to face his own family’s dark secrets and the demons that arose from them.

114 MIN. / COLOR / 2017


(In post-production)